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Control the movement of your cell with WASD or arrow keys. Throw your yo-yo at enemies using the left mouse button.


Are you ready to say yes to a new awesome io game called Yoyowars.io unblocked? Lots of challenges are waiting for you ahead in this free-for-all game. You are armed with a yo-yo that must be used wisely to eliminate all enemies around you. The way to kill them is to throw the yoyo at them. Once you have picked up kills, you will get the points, grow your size and become stronger than ever. Just make sure that you always avoid the enemy attacks when you fight or when you get more power pellets dispersed on the round. These pellets will help you charge your superpower and you can get an upper hand on the enemies easily. You can grow the attack range of your yoyo, but that also makes your moving speed slower a bit as you level up, so be careful when you move after the level up. If you know how to play Yoyowars.io game tactically, you will get a chance to win!

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