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Speed up your snake using the mouse or key Q. Stop the movement using key W, become invisible using key E, use a smiley using keys 1-5.


Get ready to become a hostile worm swimming around in a deadly arena in Wormax2.io unblocked! The arena is packed with enemies, making the journey more difficult to survive. Like other snake games, especially Slither.io, in this real-time game, you also start as a small worm but gradually become bigger by eating a lot of tasty fruit scattered around on the ground. Once you have grown your body, you can fool the enemies and make them run into you to cause them to die. Be careful when you do that because others can do the same to you. If you die, one life will be lost, and losing all lives will be a game over for you. Remember to speed boost to outmaneuver your enemies then cut them off. Wormax2.io free is a fantastic game that surely keeps you entertained. Now, let's turn yourself into a cunning worm and fight your way to the top!

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