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How To Play:

Use the mouse to guide your fleet, LMB or Space to shoot.

Description: is a great classic 2D shooter game set in space. It brings a cool Free For All mode in which you are forced to fight against every enemy that you see on the battlefield. Your mission is to dominate the whole arena as soon as possible. If you want to reach the goal and win, do not forget to climb up to the highest ranking and kill everybody. Being the last standing man will give you the chance to rule. You will not work alone. But, you have to take control of a fleet including several ships having the same color. Flay around the map and show your shooting ability promptly. To grow your team, you should destroy other players and overtake their spacecraft. When you own the biggest troop, you will be the King. To increase your point, chase top scorers and demolish their gang. Or, you can surprise somebody by suddenly growing. Have fun!

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