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How To Play:

Use LMB to shoot, RMB to build walls, Shift to sprint, Space to pick up items or get in the car.

Description: is a great strategy game where you are able to join any mode that you want, Free For All or Team. Engage an intense racing and play against multiple opponents on the same map set in a strange city. It is a good opportunity for you to prove your shooting and driving abilities without paying a penny. So, it is not a simple race. But, you are going to take part in a survival battle that you are forced to become the last standing man. After you spawn in, you can find a car and get in. Drive to wherever you want to destroy more objects. What you cause will make the challenge more interesting and you will gain more kills which are important to lead you to the top spot. Remember to pick up power-ups on the ground or build walls if necessary! By using armed weapons, you can remove anything or anybody in sight easily. Have fun!

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