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How To Play:

Use WASD to move, LMB to shoot, E to change weapons, R to reload, Q to throw a grenade

Description: or Shell Shockers the game is free for all to play against strangers or create a private room. Choose the arena that you want and experience the new match as your preference. Try to remove as many rivals as possible to rank up! With the weapon that you equip yourself at the start, you can make the best use of your equipment in combat, specifically while defending and attacking. Remember your shell is extremely vulnerable! Always dodge hits to protect it or you will lose quickly! It is exciting to be a top egg killer!

Aside from hiding behind available containers in, you are recommended to leave those places to search for and collect supplies scattered across the playfield. Be careful! Somebody nearby can eliminate you. Besides, you are able to gather the ammo or something from slain competitors. Attempt to level up and you will find more!

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