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How To Play:

Use WASD keys to move, the mouse to aim, LMB and RMB to shoot, Space to sprint, B to move to the shop.

Description: is a great fast-paced io game where you can work together with other allies as a team or simple travel around the map and fight against every enemy alone. Discover the new battle and play the role of a robot. The mission is to dominate the whole battlefield as soon as possible. Roam your way and take out the opponent quickly before they do the same for you. If you come with teammates, remember to learn how to cover them in time. With the kills that you gain, you will earn more XP and your capturing point will be increased after that. Next, you can open the shop menu and spend your scores on buying upgrades. Additionally, you can visit the repair cabins at corners to restore your health when you take damage. Let's get ready to take part in the cool 3D combat and check your shooting ability from now on!

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