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How To Play:

Press WASD or arrow keys to move around, LMB to attack or act, F to pick up items, number keys to use items. Scroll to zoom.


Raaaaft.io is a cool multiplayer Moomoo.io style game that you can play Free For All against a huge number of online enemies around the world. Start off with a pirate and control a basic raft. The mission is to survive as long as possible. To achieve the goal, you need to improve your power. Upgrades are important to make your vehicle better quickly. It is not simple to become the survivor and reach the safe place since you will be always attacked by other players. You can do the same to them to eliminate opponents. While you are moving, remember to collect resources which allow you to stay alive longer. Do not forget to find food to maintain both nutrition and hydration! You can choose to work together with other people to create a team. Or, move solo and fight against everybody as the enemy. Let's embark on your adventure now!

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