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How To Play:

Use the mouse to control your car. Press LMB or Space to dash.

Description: is an awesome Free for All strategy game about a crazy racing set in a very small and dangerous area. In such an arena, you have to show up your driving and fighting skills to protect your car and eliminate everybody around you. The main aim is to be the last standing player and take over the top spot. So, it is not a usual competition. But, you are joining an intense combat in which you are forced to battle and survive. Drive throughout the cramped battlefield and use your bumper to attack and destroy other people. You should crash into their rear. Or, you are also able to hit their sides. They are vulnerable parts. When you gain more kills and collect nuts scattered on the ground, your equipment will grow bigger and longer quickly. During the gaming time, you can get some troubles. Try to perform a dash and flee from stronger opponents! Good luck!

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