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How To Play:

Press LMB or Space to fire, RMB or W to run away. Use the mouse wheel or Q to change weapons.

Description: is a nice battle royale 2D shooter game. Join Free For All mode and be prepared for the new intense combat against tons of enemies coming from countries around the world. Being the last standing man will be the main aim that you need to accomplish as soon as possible. Spawn on the battlefield and try to pick up weapons quickly. You are allowed to loot killed people. They are very important to keep you safe. Indeed, you must survive until the end. Aside from that, power-ups like health packs are really necessary to restore your health. In, you are able to flee from those who are stronger than you. Speed up and run away if you cannot defeat them! Besides, there is an extremely dangerous red zone which can shrink over time. That will cause you to stay in the safe area and show up the own abilities to beat other guys. Good luck!

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