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How To Play:

Use LMB to cast the current spell, LMB to interact with items, WASD or Arrows to move, Enter to chat, 1-7 to add elements to spells.

Description: is a cool RPG Free For All game where you will check your shooting skill along with multiple enemies throughout the world. Open up a dynamic playfield and participate in a great adventure. Meet up with multiple wizards and join with them or fight against each other. Try to be the best Mage as soon as possible and remember to master the arcane arts! In, there is a unique system that each of 7 elements will own special playing style, power, and counters. Aside from that, you can find and experiment many spells. You are able to summon a horde of minions with Dark or protect your life with Earth, and trick your foe with Psychic, etc. Besides, you are recommended to make use of the environment to support your friends and eliminate your rivals. So as to take over an area, you should work together to build a base or create an order of fighters.

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