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How To Play:

Use WASD keys to move, left click or Space to shoot, 1-5 to switch the weapon.

Description: is a great free for all multiplayer online shooter game. It is a survival combat between Humans and Vampires set on an island. The mission is to become the first one who dominates the map. Each race will bring to the player numerous unique weapons and strategies that you can employ to defeat the opposing faction. Aside from that, you should collect as many orbs as possible because they will help you earn experience to level up and gain points to unlock many useful upgrades for your skills. During the battle, you are able to use bananas, arrows, shurikens, Nikita remote-controlled-missile, bats along with lightning or Darkmatter in order to attack the target. Besides, do not ignore crates, barrels, and tables. They are shields to hide and block projectiles. You must defend your life to survive until you conquer the top spot. Let's share with your friends right now! Good luck!

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