Feudal Wars

Feudal Wars

Date added: 2018-03-23
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How To Play:

Use the left mouse button to choose targets and send your units.


Feudal Wars is a classic real-time tower defense game developed by Chris Scott. Play free online the cool multiplayer mode and figure out the best strategy as soon as possible to dominate the whole map. Become the commander and control an army. Fight against tons of enemies around the world and destroy all of them before they do the same for you. Not only that, you are able to take over their territory if you capture their castles. In Feudal Wars, you are allowed to build up several structures if you want, for example, resource production facilities, research bases, or a place in which your soldiers can train and improve their abilities, Each of these buildings will help you balance the power between economy and military. During the battle, do not forget to think carefully and deploy units wisely although you are stronger. Let's embark on your job and conquer every difficulty now! Good luck!

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