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How To Play:

Use the mouse to move, LMB or Space to punch, RMB to control your skill.


Facepunch.io is a good classic multiplayer online game played online via desktop browser or mobile app. Get ready to step into a large arena in which you will take part in a crazy boxing match along with multiple rivals all over the world. Remember to choose the favorite character before you enter the ring. After the first step, you can roam and select the target to attack. Wave your fists and you should launch strong punches in time to hurt the enemy. Each successful hit will help you deplete their health bar. In Facepunch.io, you can take damage if you are punched. And, you can feel weaker later. Do not allow that to happen to you or you can fail! While you are moving, do not ignore collecting blob to earn more experience which is very useful to level up and increase your point. Additionally, remember to activate your special skill when it is available. Have fun!

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