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How To Play:

Use the mouse to move, click to sprint, Space to reverse.

Description: is a new Slither style game that you will have to master the rules in order to reach the top spot in the shortest time. It is possible for you to create or join a party. Select a skin and enter the arena in which you will fight against tons of enemies throughout the world. Your objective is similar to the mission of everybody existing on the current playfield that is to become the longest snake. It means that you are forced to defend your tail always until you dominate the leaderboard. After you spawn in, you can roam around the map to pick up food pieces which provide more mass and make you grow. While you are moving, you can eat more by biting the weakest part of somebody. Note that it must be equal to your size! For big ones, you are recommended to attack them from behind. You can sprint to escape or hide in green larger rocks. You can reverse if necessary. Good luck!

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