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How To Play:

Use the mouse to navigate, left click to boost speed.

Description: is a super fun Free For All game. Because it is inspired by Agario and Slither style, your character along with his weapon are able to grow in size and destroy other players by cutting off. You will take part in an exciting combat set in a massive playing field. Wander around the map and collect as many colored dots as possible. Consume them and you will enlarge quickly. Be careful! You must dodge attacks promptly or you can be killed right away. Once you feel comfortable, you can select a target, get close to him, perform a dash and make him run into your sausage. Remember that it is also the strategy that the other enemies will use to cause the death of you! However, you can flee from the foe by speeding up. There are many different types of hair styles, skins, and hair waiting for you to choose from. Hope you enjoyed!

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