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How To Play:

Use LMB to hook others, RMB or Space to boost speed.

Description: is a fun classic multiplayer Free For All io game where you have to roam around an arena and hook as many enemies as possible before they eliminate them. While you are moving, you can collect a lot of colored blobbies which are strewn across the map. For each of the items that you have gathered, the size of your weapon will increase. With the giant tool, you can dominate the playfield easily. Thus, you should not ignore those special objects. If you are in danger, you can perform a speed boost to escape. In another case, boosting promptly will help you overtake somebody and catch him. Afterward, you can launch deadly hits and earn the higher rank. Although the gameplay is very simple, it is not easy to master and control. In every situation, you’d better defend yourself always for survival. Currently, you can play on both of Android and iOS apps. Good luck!

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