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How To Play:

Use WASD to roam around the map, Space or B to boost.


Select the character you like most and set a nickname for him to play game in Free For All together with tons of strange animals formed in cubic shape. Roam around the map and find the chance to become the strongest player as soon as possible. To complete your task and conquer the top spot, do not forget to eat every food on the ground. Similar to Agario style, apples or meat scattered across the playfield is the main source to help you grow in size significantly. When you gain mass and enlarge, you are allowed to attack and swallow smaller guys. It is not simple because you will have to deal with other larger ones at a time. stay away from hunters or you will die. Additionally, you should not touch any mushroom when you are huge. Try to earn enough 1,000 points to win the round right now! Good luck!

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